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New York City

Tel: 917-334-4072


Instagram @bridieartist

Bridie Coughlan is a New York City based makeup artist. She has worked professionally since 2008 freelancing for headshots, film, print, red carpet, events and fashion. She considers actors’ headshots to be her specialty and as a former actor herself, she loves creating looks for her clients that showcase their range. Bridie also gives group and individual makeup lessons and is a contributor to Backstage where she has written about headshot makeup and hosted a live webinar for actors.


Growing up in an artistic family, Bridie was always encouraged to look for beauty in everything. As a makeup artist, she continues to find inspiration through the diversity and individuality of each face she encounters. She sees makeup as wearable art and loves to experiment with the unlimited range of looks from glowing natural to off-the-wall editorial. ​​​

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